Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 10: Digital CItizenship

1. The first thing I want my students to know is that we, as teachers, expect them to adhere to the rules outlined by SBISD and we should be able to trust them to do the right thing. The second thing I want my students to know is how to decide if a site is credible or not. The last thing I want my students to know is that the rules are made to keep them safe and that is why it is important to follow them.

2. The resource I would use is the BrainPop on Digital Citizenship and possibly other BrainPop videos. The students respond well to BrainPop and the shows to a great job of explaining concepts and showing lots of different pictures to illustrate what they are saying.

3. I would start with a class discussion on what we think Digital Citizenship is and possible do a KWL chart. This would help me to see what they already know and where the gaps or misconceptions are in their learning.

4. I would most likely include something about it in my newsletter and I would also address it at Open House. This would allow me to address any questions at one time for everyone to hear and allow for people to bring up and comments or concerns they have about their child using technology in the classroom.

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