Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 6: Using Web Tools

The first tool I used was WallWisher. I think this tool can be used in a verity of ways in the classroom to discuss topics. One way I thought of would be to discuss chapters of books or reading assignments. Students could also post things they learned from watching a movie or give feedback to their peers about presentations.

The second tool I used was Todays Meet. Here is a link to the room I made.

One of the ideas I had for TodaysMeet was to use it as a place to have an ongoing conversation between your students. The students could log on every night and write about a particular subject, such as what phase the moon is in. 

I think these tools would encourage participation because students love using technology and they also love talking to each other. I also think these tools would help those students who are less likely to participate in a classroom discussion due to shyness or fear of being wrong. 

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