Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 9: Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. I think is it important because we need the students to see the connections and to see that technology can be used for learning and exploring, not just playing games.

2. We should hold students accountable for their station work because we want them to actually work during their stations. If they know they are not being held accountable, they are likely to either not do the work or not put full effort into the work.

3. The website I liked was I like this one because it has a large variety of games, but they are all educational. Some of the other game websites have educational games but also many other games that are not educational. I could use this website, along with a few others, in a math station with the netbooks. I could hold students accountable by having them write down which websites they visited, which games they played, and how long they played each game. I could also have the write down the difficulty level so I know they are challenging themselves.

4. One of the Apps I would use for a Math station would be MangaHigh. In this program I have created classes and added my students. Then I can assign certain objectives and assignments for the kids to complete. I think this is really good because you can pick out different objective for different kids and use it to target specific areas. This app is also very fun so the students will stay engaged. I can hold students accountable by signing on to the website and looking to see what each student has completed and how they did on it.

5. Another idea I had for a station would be to create QR codes and post them around the room. The students would find the QR codes and scan with an ipad or iPod. Then either a math problem or something reading related would pop up for the the students to solve. To hold them accountable, they would have to write down the number next to the QR code and the answer.

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